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Our Passion

Ask 100 people and you'll potentially get 100 different answers.  That's because the four-wheel drive lifestyle is what we each perceive it to be, with our separate, individual, and uniquely experienced perspectives.  Despite that fact, common threads exist that most of us can agree upon. 

A love of the outdoors is one example.  Being in the outdoors is rejuvenating, invigorating.  Solo, or with a group, experiencing the outdoors through full-size motorized recreation boosts our energy and morale. Kinship or friendship is another example.  In other words, family and friends.  Sharing 4x4 experiences builds bonds between family and friends—the sunsets, the desert or mountain panoramas, and resolving the challenges of trailside repairs. 

All of these, and more, weave the threads that become fond lifelong memories. In a broader sense, beyond family and friends, there exists a comradery or a spirit of community among four-wheel drive recreationists.  It might seem elementary, but when you invest time to speak with and listen to a new acquaintance, you find that you have much in common, way more than merely your preference of 4x4 vehicle. 


So, ask yourself and reflect…what is the four-wheel drive lifestyle? Short answer, it is what you make it!

For the Association, our answer, is giving back. 

The Colorado 4WD Association's biggest Passion is protection of our off-roading way of life as well as protection of our State's lands. The board members and clubs associated are all a big part of those passions. From trail cleanups, to partnership with organizations like CORE, Stay the Trail, Tread lightly and so many more, to partnering together to educate the public about what these organizations do for us as off-roaders. 

4X4 Community News

Dolores River News - March 2024

The Dolores River Canyon Country spans western Colorado’s remarkable high desert ecosystems from below McPhee Dam to the Utah state line, an area of over 500,000 acres of public lands.
The businesses and officials that are fighting to make part of this large area a national monument are tugging on peoples heart strings about protecting the State's public lands by making them Federal lands. READ MORE! There are so many articles and stories out there by those looking behind the scenes. There are pros and cons to every change made to "protect" lands across Colorado. Knowing all of those pros and cons and being able to make an informed decision is up to all of us!

So get informed! Some links we have read and researched are below. But there is more than that out there. So get involved! 

Read about the impacts that a National Monument would impose on public Colorado lands as well as the communities within those areas. 

Moab Closures

The closures in Moab are a hot topic throughout the 4WD community nationwide. Below are some links to different articles with relevant information on those closures. 

Salt Lake Tribune Article   Mar '24

Blue Ribbon Coalition Utah Closures lists etc.   2024

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