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Who We Are

Formed in 1968 as the Colorado Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs, the Association today continues to promote fellowship and stewardship among 4x4 enthusiasts statewide.


Member clubs form the foundation of the association, but we embrace hundreds of Associate (businesses) and Supporting (individuals) members who share our passion for 4x4 recreation and donate to sustain our projects and goals.


The Association directly supports member clubs, and collectively represents all who enjoy the four-wheel drive roads and trails in Colorado.

We promote and support stewardship, trail etiquette, and responsible recreation within the member clubs and among all who enjoy the motorized roads and trails in Colorado.


The Association’s objectives are:

  • Support member club events and activities

  • Encourage participation in stewardship projects

  • Promote a positive image of the 4x4 community

  • Advocate for favorable policies and legislation to keep public lands accessible

Our Members and Clubs support these Organizations



Formed in 1976, United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc. is the only International Organization that represents you, the 4×4 enthusiast, exclusively. Entirely comprised of fellow enthusiasts, United (UFWDA) understands the issues that impact your lifestyle. Anti-access groups spend tremendous sums of money to close the areas where we all enjoy our sport. It is imperative that we have a strong and United voice to represent us. Make sure your and our voices are heard; JOIN directly, or through your club or association.

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Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition

The Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) was formed in 1987 by a group of leaders from the four wheel drive, motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV communities. We work to promote legislation and regulation favorable toward responsible OHV recreation.


Over the years, we have established relationships with Federal and State Legislators and Land Managers to enhance OHV opportunities in Colorado. We work closely with local clubs, state and national OHV organizations, as well as other trail and recreational coalitions to promote OHV opportunities. COHVCO was instrumental in starting the Colorado State Parks OHV registration program, and still monitors the program today.


We are a coalition working to protect your right to enjoy your public land! You need COHVCO and COHVCO needs you, join online or donate today!

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Tread Lightly

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Tread Lightly! and its partners lead a national initiative to protect and enhance recreation access and opportunities by promoting outdoor ethics to heighten individuals’ sense of good stewardship. Tread Lightly!’s goal is to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with our need to maintain healthy ecosystems and thriving populations of fish and wildlife. The scope of our work includes both land and water, and is representative of nearly every form of outdoor recreation including, but not limited to hunting, recreational shooting, fishing, and boating. We also have a niche in promoting safe and responsible use of motorized and mechanized vehicles in the outdoors.

We offer a myriad of programs, trainings, and educational material to help educate recreationists across the nation on the importance of treading lightly. Tread Lightly! is also a member-based organization. Without the help and support of our members, we would be unable to deliver award-winning programs and campaigns. Thank you!

Stay The Trail

Our mission is to reinforce and highlight responsible OHV use, and to modify and mitigate irresponsible use in an effort to minimize resource damage on public land. We offer educational services and materials to land management agencies, OHV and OHV accessory dealers, educational and community institutions, and the general public.

Stay The Trail Colorado provides a central place where the public, organizations, and agencies can download all US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) for National Forest Lands and all of the available BLM Motorized Area Maps located in Colorado. These maps are kept up to date as the US Forest Service and BLM update their maps. Funding for this effort is provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the form of grant funding that comes from registration of Off-Highway Vehicles in Colorado.

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The CORE mission is to keep trails open through action, adoptions, awareness, stewardship, education, collaboration and to involve multiple user groups to accomplish this goal. 

CORE is not your typical Jeep Club, we are a motorized action group based out of Buena Vista. We are avid trail users and we love going on trails, but we also work to keep our trails open. We have 12 adopted trails, we do work projects, provide trail reports and we work with land managers to ensure motorized users are represented when they make decisions. We believe that our road system is the common thread that holds all user groups together. If our access is limited, all recreators are effected negatively. 

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