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Our Clubs

Big clubs, small clubs, each has a place in the Association because we share the interests of four-wheel drive recreation.

Member clubs vary in size and scope—some are very active, where others are quite laid-back.  Even within any single club, you’ll find there’s a variety—some members engage in almost every activity, whereas others make the occasional trail ride and an annual club party.  Some really like the challenge of rock-crawling, where others prefer the solitude of overland-style long distance trips.  Regardless of these factors, we all enjoy the aspects of community present within member clubs, and with the Association.

Colorado 4x4 Girls

Established: 2012

Location: Colorado. 5 chapters statewide.

Club Favorites: Red Cone, Wheeler Lake, Chinaman's Gulch

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At Colorado 4X4 Girls, we believe in empowering women to conquer new horizons, both on and off the road. Our community is built on the strong foundation of developing lasting relationships among like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure and exploration. 

Colorado 4X4 Girls: Where empowerment, relationships, environmental stewardship and community service unite to create an extraordinary adventure like no other. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Colorado Land Cruisers

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Established: 1996

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Club Favorites: The Gultches (Hackett, Metberry, Longwater)

Colorado Land Cruisers is a mix of young and old Toyota 4x4 enthusiasts that welcomes owners of any Toyota or Lexus 4WD model.  Our members drive Land Cruisers, Tacomas, 4Runners, Lexus LX and GX models, and old-school mini-trucks! Join us on a monthly trail ride, or join us for a monthly "business meeting" (aka beverages and wheelin' stories)!  Details can be viewed on the link below for the IH8MUD forum.

Grand Mesa Jeep Club

Established: 1962

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Club Favorites:  21 Road, Bangs Canyon, Billings Canyon

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Grand Mesa Jeep Club is one of the most active OHV clubs in Colorado. We are a family-oriented club with a focus on fun and conserving our trails for future generations to enjoy. We are partners with the BLM, Forest Service, and other clubs within the state to help keep public lands public. Plus, we love to wheel.

Creeper Jeepers Gang

Established: 1993

Location: Durango, Colorado

Club Favorites: Black Bear Pass, Elwood Pass, Mt. Blanca

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The Creeper Jeepers Gang is a family-oriented four-wheel drive club with members in Durango, Pagosa Springs, and Farmington. The club does all types of trails, ranging from easy trails passable with any stock 4x4 to extreme rock crawling. Creeper Jeepers is open to all makes and models of vehicles from bone stock to highly modified trail rigs. 

Ute Pass Iron Goats

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Established: 2001

Location: Woodland Park, Colorado 

Club Favorites:  Chinaman's Gulch, Tin Cup, Carnage Canyon

Ute Pass Iron Goats is a small but very active club in Woodland Park.  We welcome all vehicle types and our members enjoy the easy mountain roads as well as the rock-crawling trails.  Ute Pass Iron Goats have a good relationship with our local Forest Service office, and we're active in maintaining roads and trails to keep them open for public recreation.

Colorado Springs Christian 4Wheelers

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Established: 1993

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Club Favorites: China Wall, Mosquito Pass, Bill Moore Lake

Colorado Springs Christian 4 Wheelers, Inc exists as a club to allow for wonderful times together in off-road activities with fellow believers. The association began in the spring of 1993 with the belief that we are to invite our neighbors and co-workers to join us in any of our events so that we are engaged in reaching out to other members of our community.

Eagle County 4x4

Established: 2022

Location: Eagle County

Club Favorites: Old Fulford, McAllister, Red and White Mnt

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Eagle County 4×4 was created as a Facebook group in August 2012. Over several years it grew to 900+ members. In September 2022, the group held a membership meeting to approve a constitution, formally incorporating it as a non-profit member organization. We organize events across Eagle County, CO, and nearby regions including Summit, Routt, Lake, Garfield, Pitkin, and Grand Counties. 

Big Thompson 4Wheelers

Established: 1968

Location: Loveland

Club Favorites: Pole Hill, Kelly Flats, Switzerland Trail

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Big Thompson 4Wheelers is among the oldest four-wheel drive clubs in Colorado.  We're a small club but very active with frequent trail rides and road/trail maintenance projects on nearly a dozen adopted roads.  We welcome all makes and models, but most members drive Jeep vehicles.  

Western Slope 4 Wheelers

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Established: 1998

Location: Western Slope

Club Favorites: Rimrocker, Poughkeepsie, Black Bear Pass

The WESTERN SLOPE 4 WHEELERS CLUB…is a group of family oriented off-road enthusiasts who enjoy four-wheeling and who work to protect four-wheeling rights on our public lands.  The club was founded in February 1998.  Club adventures range from mild to extreme.

 We currently have 19 adopted trails, that we ensure are kept clean, current signage and proper use of trails.

Some of our favorite trails include, The Rimrocker trail, in which we were instrumental in getting open and mapped.

Poughkeepsie gulch, keeping the wall in good shape and off route areas fenced off.  We also open and close the gates each year to help preserve the trail.  Currently we are working with San Miguel to assist in keeping Black Bear pass open.

Association Info

So you have an awesome club and you want to take things to the next level? Click below and an Association Board Member will get in contact with you and answer any questions you may have about joining the association and our clubs! The more we work together the more good we do for our state!

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