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Over 10,000 volunteer hours each year, on average, working to preserve road & trail access for all forms of recreation!

Colorado 4x4 clubs are leaders in road and trail stewardship.  For decades, clubs have partnered with the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service in voluntary service agreements on specific 4x4 roads and trails throughout Colorado.


Presently, the clubs within the Association have officially adopted almost 200 4x4 roads and trails.  The scope of work varies from year to year depending upon conditions but ranges from simple litter clean-ups to erosion control, runoff diversion, grass reseeding, blocking unauthorized bypasses, erecting buck-and-rail fences, and emplacing informative kiosks or signage at trailhead.


Voluntary service from member clubs makes an enormous impact upon recreation in Colorado because almost all other forms of outdoor recreation use these full-size roads (BLM Roads and Forest Service Roads) to access the public lands.  On average, 4-wheel drive clubs provide 10,000 volunteer hours each year to preserve access for all forms of recreation in colorful Colorado! 

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