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Q: What is FEAT?
  A: FEAT is a volunteer group of owners of four-wheel-drive vehicles that is associated with the Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc.

Q: What does FEAT do?
  A: FEAT provides supplemental, emergency transportation in the Denver Metro area when snowstorms or other disasters require the use of four-wheel-drive vehicles. FEAT’s first priority is to get essential City of Denver’s emergency services employees to and from work at hospitals, fire and police stations, and emergency agencies.

Q: Who are the members of FEAT?
  A: The majority of FEAT members belong to local four-wheel-drive clubs, although this is not required for membership in FEAT. All members of FEAT are required to fill out a membership application before being accepted.

Q: Why is it preferable to use FEAT rather than to put out a general call for four-wheel-drive volunteers through the media?
  A: FEAT drivers are prescreened drivers who are individually assigned and their assignments recorded.

Q: What types of transportation does FEAT provide?
  A: FEAT provides supplemental, emergency transportation to assist during emergencies when other transportation is not available. FEAT transports essential emergency personnel needed to provide critical services.

Q: What does FEAT not provide?
  A: It does not transport critical or injured patients; nor does FEAT have the capability to transport non-essential employees. (i.e. those not necessary to prevent a danger to health or safety). The FEAT organization does not run a taxi service or provide convenience transportation. Newly developed software developed by the City of Denver will allow dispatchers to take advance notice of requests for a specific pickup time.

Q: How does FEAT operate?

When the Denver Office of Emergency Management (OEM) advises FEAT of a possible weather emergency, FEAT members are placed on placed “stand-by” status via email. When FEAT is activated, the FEAT volunteer dispatchers will start phoning driver volunteers to determine their status. The software will select a driver closest to the address of the requestor and the dispatcher will provide the information to the driver. The driver will call the requestor for specific information and to establish a pick-up time.

When the ride is completed, the driver calls the dispatcher for reassignment. If a large amount of assistance is needed, volunteers may be assigned to work directly with the institution requesting assistance. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and depend on the number of volunteers available. Medical personnel receive top priority for these requests.

Q: How many volunteers does FEAT have available?
  A: The number available varies from event to event but in general, the greater the need, the more volunteers will be available. FEAT has over one hundred registered volunteers.

Q: When does FEAT go into operations?
  A: The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in each area will activate FEAT when snow conditions are severe enough that public transportation (taxi or bus) is not available and two- wheel-drive vehicles are being advised to stay off the streets.

Q: What is the cost of FEAT service?
  A: There is no charge for assistance from FEAT. Members are strictly volunteers who furnish their vehicles, gas, and time to help the community. They may take donations for FEAT operations but are prohibited from receiving personal gratuities.
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