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The Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Land Use Committee is dedicated to the protection of public access to public lands.


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2011 Volunteer Project Hours
2011Adopt-A-Road CommitteeDocumentation35
2011Big Horn 4X4 (Colo Spgs)Eagle Rock Road, FR370.C0
2011Big Horn 4X4 (Colo Spgs)Saran Wrap, FR370.D0
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersBig Thompson River Cleanup100
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersButton Rock, FR118.312
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersGreenridge Trail, FR177180
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersJohnny Park, FR11858
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersLefthand Canyon car removal56
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersNational Trails Day booth32
2011Big Thompson Four WheelersStorm Mountain FR15356
2011Colorado Four WheelersChina Wall, FR204,212559
2011Colorado Four WheelersMetberry, FR20524
2011Creeper Jeepers GangBlanca Peak, FR975227
2011Grand Mesa Jeep ClubBillings Canyon0
2011Grand Mesa Jeep ClubLong Slough to Kitson0
2011HillbilliesBRD OHV meetings50
2011HillbilliesCaribou Flats, FR50566
2011HillbilliesKingston Peak, FR35316
2011Hooligan's Offroad Club (not a member club)Chihuahua Gulch, FR26379
2011Larimer County 4WD ClubKelly Flats, FR168, 172240
2011Larimer County 4WD ClubMoody Hill, FR132, 513224
2011Larimer County 4WD ClubSeven Mile, FR22548
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubBill Moore Lake, FR18398.5
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubBirdseye Gulch120
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubGeorgia Pass, FR35520
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubGlacier Ridge, FR27520
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubRed Cone, FR56598
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubSOB Hill14
2011Mile Hi Jeep ClubSpring Creek (Dumont)211.5
2011Predator 4WD LLC.Hackett Gulch, FR2200
2011Predator 4WD LLC.Longwater Gulch, FR2210
2011Rising Sun 4WD ClubJenny Creek, FR808, 50252
2011Rock Junkies 4x4 ClubCarnage Canyon / Chinaman0
2011Trailridge Runners 4WD ClubBRD OHV meetings29
2011Trailridge Runners 4WD ClubFourmile Fire Restoration35
2011Trailridge Runners 4WD ClubLefthand Canyon, FR28668
2011Trailridge Runners 4WD ClubMiddle St. Vrain, FR114358
2011Ute Pass Iron GoatsChinaman Gulch70
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersBlack Bear Pass, FR829280
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersBLM Alpine Loop NCA12
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersBLM Uncompahgre meetings30
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersBoulder Canyon Trail64
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersCamp Bird Road48
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersCounty meetings37
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersCrystal Lake168
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersDry Creek / Dominguez-Escalante168
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersIron Springs Campground96
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersMonitor Mesa, FR533112
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersMontrose Public Lands office29
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersRoubideau Jeep Road116
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersSmith Mountain Jeep Road126
2011Western Slope 4 WheelersWave and Edge Loops138
2011Western Slope 4WheelersBLM Southwest RAC8
2011Wild Bunch 4WD ClubBlack Bear Pass, FR8290
2011Wild Bunch 4WD ClubEngineer Pass, FR8780
2011Wild Bunch 4WD ClubGovernor Basin, FR853.1C0
2011Wild Bunch 4WD ClubOphir Pass, CR8, FR6300
2011Wild Bunch 4WD ClubYankee Boy Basin, FR853.1B0

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