As a member of the Colorado State Association of 4-wheel drives, Big Horn of Denver strives for and practices responsible and safe 4-wheeling techniques through The Stay The Trail Program . As a group, we go on many road trips where we tackle different types of trails. We also have social gatherings, such as holiday dinners and camping trips. We also maintain our adopt-a-trail Holy Cross near Red Cliff. The Holy Cross trail was adopted by Big Horn of Denver in the late 1970’s. During the summer season, our group does annual maintenance on the trail in order to keep it accessible to all outdoor enthusiasts. Maintenance usually consists of cleaning the trail of branches, newly fallen rocks, or any other debris that may have landed on the trail. We try our hardest to maintain this trail so that everyone can experience it. Throughout the year, our group plans on hitting trails all over the state. As well as out of state trails and events Our group is open to all types of 4-wheel drives, families, friends, and anybody who enjoys having a great time in the good ol’ outdoors. Our members vary in experience so no need to worry about keeping up. Our members have been offroading anywhere from months to years. While on the trail, members share tips, maneuvers, and techniques that help conquer the trails we go on. We are not only a group that loves to off-road safely, but we are a family that enjoys what nature has provided us.