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Jamie Gangestad
27.03.2011 22:33

Fort Collins 4x4 Performance

Featured Associate Member 1st Quarter 2008

4 wheeling has been in Robert Schleppy's family since he was a young child. He began working in the family owned Off Road shop 32 years ago. He and his wife, Kim, then started their own Off Road shop in Fort Collins called Fort Collins 4x4 Performance, Inc. 22 years ago. In 2000, they sold the business but continued to sell used 4 wheel drive parts. Robert's interest in 4 wheeling (some say his "obsession" with 4 wheeling) has been passed on to his sons. In 2004, sons Justin and Tyler, joined the business and the company expanded into a full off road shop called; selling new and used parts and accessories, full service and repair.

4x4 Off Road & Used Parts works on all 4 wheel drive vehicles and specialize in off road vehicles. There are 4 counter sales persons, 3 technicians and 2 dismantlers. Over the years, special projects have included competition rock crawlers, solid axle swaps, motor conversions, drive train rebuilds, 2 to 4 wheel drive conversions and restorations. With Robert's years of experience he also specializes in the mechanical knowledge of early jeeps. As for advertising, Robert and Kim thank the satisfied customers who by "word of mouth" have advertised their years of experience and knowledge.

Many of us know Robert and his sons for their repair facility at Mile-Hi Jeep Club's annual All-4-Fun event. For 18 years they have provided on site repair service with quick turn around to keep us wheeling and enjoying the event. Never mind that they are working out of a tent for long hours into the night and sometimes with adverse weather conditions.

Robert and his sons also enjoy the sport of 4 wheeling. Their experiences include an annual 4 wheel drive event in Wales, England and recently to Ireland as well as to most states in the US. Robert has been a member of the Larimer County 4 wheel drive club, Mountaineers, for 21 years. In addition to being an associate member of CoA4WD, 4x4 Off Road & Used Parts is a member of United 4 Wheel Drive Associations and supports and donates to 4 wheel drive clubs. Robert also participates in the Mountaineers community service project, FEAT, which assists in getting essential medical personnel to hospitals during snow emergencies.

 » Associate of the Quarter  » Fort Collins 4x4 Performance
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