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COA4WDCI is more than just a way to bring Clubs from

around the State of Colorado together.  We are also about

participating in public events to help inform the general public

about responsible OHV recreation

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Jamie Gangestad
27.03.2011 22:21

Publication Designs by Chris

Featured Associate Member 3rd Quarter 2007

Hi, my name is Chris Pagan and I am the owner of Actually, I AM Publication Designs by Chris. I got started in this business really just by accident back in 1999 when our local 4 wheel drive club needed someone to work on their newsletter; little did I know that it would eventually become a business and blossom into what it is today.

Early in 2001 I was asked if I would be interested in doing a newsletter for a state wide organization that was formed to provide information about places to 4-wheel in Texas. This was a much different project than a local club newsletter and took A LOT more thought. I knew that even though it was only a quarterly publication, it was just that, A PUBLICATION, a full color, glossy publication, not just a newsletter.

That newsletter turned out to be quite a project! Working on it led me to a friend who was in the printing business and he taught me many things about process, printing and publication layout. During that time a few other people asked if I could do some print work for them and that led to more clients and different types of work so I started Publication Designs.

Six years later many of Publication Designs' clients are still 4-wheel drive related in nature but I also provide services to land and home owners associations, auto repair shops, transportation companies, symphony guilds and others. Publication Designs specialty is turn-key newsletters (design, layout, editing, print management, delivery); however I also design advertisements, posters, fliers, and brochures.

I really strive to treat every client like I am part of their business and not just an outside partner. I want to understand the audience they are trying to reach and create a printed piece that reflects who they are. Since I am a small company it is very easy for me to take the time to work with my clients, their printer (or mine), a mailing house or other design centers.

On a personal note while Publication Designs by Chris has grown from me doing our local club newsletter, to a statewide full color publication, to designing ads and brochures, to producing national publications, and other endless possibilities. It has been a wonderful venture. I still enjoy the work and most of all have a hand in telling the stories of responsible 4-wheeling to the public.

 » Associate of the Quarter  » Publication Designs by Chris
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